A Bit of Running and Hiking Today

Today I ignored all that is wrong with me and went to Mundy Park with my husband. We ran and hiked, and it felt really good. I think because of my running in the past I still have some stamina inside or something. I felt 


With a bum foot and lack of running this year, along with a lot of writing, editing, and reading, I am really looking forward to getting outside and staying there for a while. Last Friday night I spent hours mesmerized by my own back yard 

Winter Hikes

First, if you hadn’t noticed, I’ve been migrating everything from Eco-fiction.com over to Dragonfly.eco. I decided to put my blog at this site, so here we are. My last post covered why I’m currently on an oasis from running while I await news on my 

On Running

Another post so soon! A few people have asked why this running blog changed into a regular blog. Simple answer: I am not running right now, but I have not lost that spirit or the love of writing. Here’s what happened. After being a big 

The Mosaic of Time Gone

After all my bragging about it feeling like spring in the last post, the lower mainland is now experiencing a cold-front, and we got our first snow on Sunday. It was nothing to write home about, and I wasn’t nearly excited as I would have 

Sunshine, Yes

I recently learned from my specialist, who is trying to figure out my foot, that I have a vitamin D deficiency. This is not uncommon for those living in Vancouver. And while I don’t feel the need to complain about much, the constant rain does 

2019 – Wishes and Dreams

Unlike the rest of Canada, we haven’t seen a bit of snow except for up in the mountains. It has rained a lot, barely dipping below freezing. My sage and thyme on the balcony are still alive from last summer. The past few days have 

2018-A Look Back

I do this every year on the blog: figure out which memories of the past year stand out the most. I woke up early this morning and walked to the skytrain. It was still dark and very clear with stars blinking from the far beyond. 

The River of Life

People come and go. Eagles come and go. Water is always moving. On Saturday we rafted part of the Squamish River, which is the largest home in the world for bald eagle populations. It wasn’t a wild fast paddle but a slow one, which went 

As the Holidays Near

I am not consumer-minded, I hate plastic snowmen, and on Black Friday this year, we had a lovely meal with my kids and then went hiking at Mundy Park, which was beautiful in its damp, gray silence. The morning after we hiked and fished (not