A Bit of Running and Hiking Today

Today I ignored all that is wrong with me and went to Mundy Park with my husband. We ran and hiked, and it felt really good. I think because of my running in the past I still have some stamina inside or something. I felt 

A Sunny Day

I’m in a really good mood right now because I had a modified work day off and ended up slipping out of my winter funk and did some light jogging and biking. It’s such a great day out: sunny, warm, and the trees and flowers 

On Running

Another post so soon! A few people have asked why this running blog changed into a regular blog. Simple answer: I am not running right now, but I have not lost that spirit or the love of writing. Here’s what happened. After being a big 

Sunshine, Yes

I recently learned from my specialist, who is trying to figure out my foot, that I have a vitamin D deficiency. This is not uncommon for those living in Vancouver. And while I don’t feel the need to complain about much, the constant rain does 

Mammaw Collins

Mammaw is on the right of the featured image above. She is snapping beans, no doubt to dry them and make her famous shucky beans. “Every gray hair she had looked like a corn silk” -Mom. Every couple weeks, I go out to the balcony, 

Trail Running in 2018

My goals for next year including continuing to build my core and then starting to run again on the trails. Right now I am working out with light weights and rowing (the machine at my work’s gym is pretty neat in that it has water 

And the Good News Is…

My leg is okay to run on, according to the sports doctor I saw this morning! The left leg is still bigger than the right, but it is not due to anything dangerous and my ankle and foot are okay…no longer sprained. There is some 

Injury as Part of the Running Cycle

I keep telling myself that not running due to injury is part of the running cycle, though now with two months of no running whatsoever–except around my mom’s house when I was bored of inactivity one morning, with only some hiking and biking thrown in–I 

Anger in Today’s World

Anger is making the news every day. It comes in different forms: shootings and other violence, social media vitriol, and more. After yesterday’s shooting at the GOP baseball game, the Washington Post remarks today that the shooter, James T. Hodgkinson, was “always angry”. I think 

Old Friends

On the trail-front, I have had to take a break yet again due to a swollen ankle that is not getting better. I hobbled around on it last week, and thought that if it was not better by the Victoria Day weekend I would make