Sea Life

Spring is such a flirt. It is warm and sunny one week, cool and rainy the next. How will I ever court this fickle season! Yesterday my coworker and I once again hiked around Deer Park Lake, this time without the snow, so we went 

Word Association and Thoughts

Here’s a fun exercise for memoir writers. It’s journal-writing combined with word association. This is not “add a new associated word” but write an idea about what this word or phrase means right now. During a cold winter night, as I’m trying to renew myself 

Winter Hikes

First, if you hadn’t noticed, I’ve been migrating everything from over to I decided to put my blog at this site, so here we are. My last post covered why I’m currently on an oasis from running while I await news on my 

The Mosaic of Time Gone

After all my bragging about it feeling like spring in the last post, the lower mainland is now experiencing a cold-front, and we got our first snow on Sunday. It was nothing to write home about, and I wasn’t nearly excited as I would have 

In Remembrance of Mary Oliver

So many poets and novelists have led me to where I am at today. Especially those who remember nature and write words that you wish you could write. They write words that you can grab and wrap around you. They write words that bring you 

Listen to the Silence

It is in these quiet moments that the glacier reveals herself in entirely novel and original ways. There is so much in life that can be missed if we don’t settle down for a bit. My life is full of distractions—deadlines, flights to catch, a 


The idea of vanishment isn’t new for me. Ever since I was a kid, I both reveled in the social beauty of the world and yet knew that it drained my energy too often. I was the shy, quiet girl who liked to have an 

Parts Unknown

I’ve been avidly watching Anthony Bordain’s Parts Unknown over the summer. It’s on Canada’s Netflix, at least the first eight seasons. I like the show because it really goes into the diverse cultures of places around the world, many of which I’ve never been. It 

Dragonfly Summer

I can’t believe how beautiful it is this time of year. We have had perfect weather, though warmer than usual. Last night when we were getting ready for bed, we smelled wildfires from up north. It is so dry I have had some green beans 

Feeling Alive

I said last year that I didn’t want this blog to be a place where I posted really personal stuff, like health issues. I don’t have any serious issues, but part of my doctor’s plan in the last few months was to try various medications