Jenny of Oldstones

This post ties in with my excitement for Classic Wow, which comes out on August 27. I used to be a bigger gamer when younger, not so much anymore. I did get an invite to play the beta for Classic, but it’s closing next week, 

Old Friends

Last night I was thinking of my friend Lisa, from high school. She was my adopted “sister”. I’d had another bestie before that too, but our friendship had gone back to junior high and sort of stagnated in high school when I began to depart 

A Sunny Day

I’m in a really good mood right now because I had a modified work day off and ended up slipping out of my winter funk and did some light jogging and biking. It’s such a great day out: sunny, warm, and the trees and flowers 

Winter Hikes

First, if you hadn’t noticed, I’ve been migrating everything from over to I decided to put my blog at this site, so here we are. My last post covered why I’m currently on an oasis from running while I await news on my 

The Mosaic of Time Gone

After all my bragging about it feeling like spring in the last post, the lower mainland is now experiencing a cold-front, and we got our first snow on Sunday. It was nothing to write home about, and I wasn’t nearly excited as I would have 

In Remembrance of Mary Oliver

So many poets and novelists have led me to where I am at today. Especially those who remember nature and write words that you wish you could write. They write words that you can grab and wrap around you. They write words that bring you 

New Year Thoughts

For Christmas, my daughter gave me an Amazon gift card, so of course I looked for a good book to read. But before I get into the choice I made, some backstory. I had a little bit of a rough time this holiday. Part of 

2018-A Look Back

I do this every year on the blog: figure out which memories of the past year stand out the most. I woke up early this morning and walked to the skytrain. It was still dark and very clear with stars blinking from the far beyond. 

The River of Life

People come and go. Eagles come and go. Water is always moving. On Saturday we rafted part of the Squamish River, which is the largest home in the world for bald eagle populations. It wasn’t a wild fast paddle but a slow one, which went 

Listen to the Silence

It is in these quiet moments that the glacier reveals herself in entirely novel and original ways. There is so much in life that can be missed if we don’t settle down for a bit. My life is full of distractions—deadlines, flights to catch, a