Frosty Mornings, Fire Nights

It is almost May, and Nova Scotia is still under the tug-of-war auspices of spring. Our first daffodils, crow’s foot, and forsythia have arisen from the cold ground, which shows just how hearty they are. I’ve begun germinating some of the earliest plants: tomatoes, onions, 

The Earliest Signs of Spring

Spring comes in like a lion, goes out like a lamb. This is so very true on the coast of Nova Scotia. We flit from snow storms to bright days of sunshine where no jacket is needed to thunderstorms and remnants of high winds and 

On the Writing Front

I’ve shelved Up the River for now because I feel that the 2nd part of my Wild Mountain series should come first. The 1st part, Back to the Garden, got some good reviews and is still being mentioned in academic studies and books that talk 


I haven’t done one of these surveys in a long time. Some background: After Dad died, some of the women in my family and I drew closer than we usually are. At that time and now, we all lived far apart, ranging from Los Angeles, 

January 20, A New Day

There’s no one magic moment in life that turns everything around–that makes everything 100% good. But today the inauguration of the 46th president and vice-president of the United States makes great strides toward light, hope, and good. Today decries the past four years of hatred 

The Ghost in You

I normally don’t care much for Christmas presents, but this year, yesterday, I got a guitar. And it meant everything to me because I had to leave my old one back in Vancouver–and it wasn’t even that I played it much back then, just occasionally 

A Night in December

We got a big snow dump last night, the same storm that moved over the northeastern US. It was quite beautiful. I went out and shoveled our walk around 9:00 pm, then again, with Morgan at 2:00 am or so. After that it stopped snowing, 

I’m Enjoying the Now

Maybe I’m just getting older, but my life swirls around the seasons. In summer, we were outside on our property more often, planting and watering new trees, planting vegetables in our garden, mulching, weeding, and watching all the deer, birds, butterflies, and other wildlife foraging 

Congrats to My Home Country

Everything happening in the USA affects me to a great deal, since I was born there and lived there most of my life. I’ve lived in Canada as a permanent resident since 2008, but gravitate my memories back to home, especially when I’m experiencing nostalgia 

So Many Tomatoes!

Thanks to our friends Kostia and Marina, who live five minutes down the road and are very generous, we have a ton of tomatoes. Hurricane Teddy hit a few days ago, but it was a post-tropical storm when it hit landfall and did not do