A Day in the Life

I was thinking about the ordinary today and realized that my days are not the languid, unstructured, and undisciplined days I spent when we moved here to Nova Scotia. They have some sort of routine now, leaving less time for things that I used to 

Wintry Moods

It is not even Christmas, but I’m over it. I have one lit reindeer in the bay window, plus a few pine cones. I have two Zoom chats with family coming up this week, which I am looking forward to. It means a wee bit 

Salt Peanuts

I just watched Jimmy Carter: Rock & Roll President, a documentary that came out last year. It was available up here in Canada on Kanopy. We get five free movies a month through Kanopy from our library, and they often have art house features and 

As that Season Comes Upon Us

I recently rejoined the workforce after our big move to Halifax, Covid-19, and a receding job market made job-hunting tough. I am now being paid to write, imagine that, and the job is great so far. It’s a contract job that goes until July, after 

Finn Wilder

Here it is, my favorite season, though I am not ready to let summer go–and my one and only grandchild has come into the world, brightening the first of autumn with more brilliancy! I never imagined myself a grandmother. It feels like something reserved for 

Pumpkin Ale

The point of this post isn’t necessarily about pumpkin ale but about my usual theme: life revolving around the seasons. However, I did find pumpkin ale on sale already at the local liquor store, which was a surprise. Last year I didn’t find any until 

My Gaming History

I’ll never forget my fascination with the first video games I ever played: Red Alert, Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter Nights, Diablo I and II, and, eventually World of Warcraft (WoW)–to name a few. The kind of interaction offered in these lore-based games seemed like a good 

For the Love of Books

I have been rethinking how to sell books for a few years now. Like any sell-able product, books too can clash with environmentalism. Thinking of the latest space trip with former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, whose company doesn’t pay taxes, and whose motto seems to 

Summer Solstice

Today is my favorite day of the year: summer solstice, marking also the longest day of the year. I made the usual trip out to the garden to weed and water our growing plants and began to think of creating a faerie tree, more on 


My relief comes from going cold turkey on the game I was playing on and off for years. While I miss it, it was exhausting me because it was yet another thing I volunteered to do (lead a team), but real-life factored in and I