We’ll be moving our live websites over to new hosting soon. I have decided to go back to using my blog at Dragonfly Pub. One of the reasons is that when I imported the WordPress files from there to here, hardly any pictures properly moved 

Box of Rain

It’s mid-June, just after 6:00 pm, and I’ve got the windows and doors open to a darkening green day. The rain is pouring outside, like Vancouver-style rain. It sounds nice. “Rain is fallin’ from a heavy sky.” Reminds me of before the rain, when I 


I do think we’re done with snow! Possibly not, but this week marks the start of spring for us. Sunshine, bugs, the first daffodils. Our groundhog, Marmie, has come out of their hiding. Our bat box is built and up in the meadow. That was 

Three Years

It’s been nearly three years since we moved across Canada and bought a cottage house on the outskirts of Halifax, and it has been a wild three years. I was going to list all the bad things, but will not because we all probably already 

Ice Storm

By last Thursday, it was predicted that Nova Scotia would have an ice storm starting sometime on Friday. We often get dire weather predictions and have had Nor’easters and winter storms now five weekends in the past six. I find it lovely for the most 

A Day in the Life

I was thinking about the ordinary today and realized that my days are not the languid, unstructured, and undisciplined days I spent when we moved here to Nova Scotia. They have some sort of routine now, leaving less time for things that I used to 

Wintry Moods

It is not even Christmas, but I’m over it. I have one lit reindeer in the bay window, plus a few pine cones. I have two Zoom chats with family coming up this week, which I am looking forward to. It means a wee bit 

Salt Peanuts

I just watched Jimmy Carter: Rock & Roll President, a documentary that came out last year. It was available up here in Canada on Kanopy. We get five free movies a month through Kanopy from our library, and they often have art house features and 

As that Season Comes Upon Us

I recently rejoined the workforce after our big move to Halifax, Covid-19, and a receding job market made job-hunting tough. I am now being paid to write, imagine that, and the job is great so far. It’s a contract job that goes until July, after 

Finn Wilder

Here it is, my favorite season, though I am not ready to let summer go–and my one and only grandchild has come into the world, brightening the first of autumn with more brilliancy! I never imagined myself a grandmother. It feels like something reserved for