You can find all my books at Dragonfly Publishing. I will eventually talk more about them here. I just finished the first draft of my second novel called The Stolen Child, representing a couple years of a lot of writing. Not only did I publish a novella in 2020, in the ecological weird genre, called Bird Song, but on top of writing my second novel, I wrote a short children’s book called Finn’s Tree Alphabet, the first in a series for Finn Wilder, a very special baby in our family! My next project is a novel called Elk Stories. It’s about a woman having phone conversations with her mother, who has dementia. Now, I have to admit there might be some parallels to reality, but the story is totally fictional and has the backdrop of a weirder and wilder world with her mother’s confabulated stories, which get stranger all the time, and climate change changing the landscapes of the woman’s home drastically. I’ve thought a lot about how to bring the story forward with dignity and respect to people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. I do see a parallel between that and the unpredictability of ecological disaster. As I’m thinking about it, I came across an image I’d like to use in the design of the novel and will tease it here. I have already licensed this image for reproduction.